The Men’s Bow Tie-Essential Things You Need to Know

The bow tie has become an important fashion staple over time. A type of necktie with a ribbon of fabric being tied around the collar, bow ties have long history of being tied around the necks of men but more recently can be seen around the necks of women, young boys, babies and even dogs & cats who want to be as stylish as their owners.

Brief History of Bow Ties

The bowtie originated with Croatian mercenaries in 17th Century during Prussian wars. Croat mercenaries tied a scarf around their necks, holding together their shirt’s opening. Soon, this was adopted by the upper class in France, then the leaders in fashion, until the bow tie flourished in 18th-19th centuries. It’s unclear whether these “cravats” evolved to neckties and then bow ties or whether bow ties came before the necktie? Traditional bow ties are commonly of fixed length and crafted for a range of neck sizes, approximately 14”to 20”, like shirt collars.

The Bow Tie Makes its Striking Entry in the Entertainment World


Men’s neckties are common but the bow tie is now the newest trend in neck wear. Men who wear bow ties were thought to exude sophistication and class. (Think James Bond.) They were associated with academia and intelligence – or even nerdiness (i.e. Pee Wee Herman or Steve Urkel in Family Matters). But bow ties are also able to showcase personal style, daring and edginess. Wearing bowtie can ultimately transform someone’s outfit into something stylish and pleasing to the eye. No doubt, many celebrities have become avid bow tie wearers, marking the accessory’s entry into the entertainment world.

Not bounded by rigid rules of yesteryear anymore, the bow tie has been redefined, revamped and redesigned into an accessory that any fashion-savvy person can incorporate into their own unique look. Contemporary celebrities like American football player Richard Sherman, actors LL Cool J, Johnny Depp, Justin Timberlake, and even female celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Rihanna, Janelle Monáe and more have been seen wearing bow ties on TV and in films.

Great Selections of Bowtie Now Available Online

There are different types of bowties to complete one’s outfit. The traditional bow tie is a self-tie model where the wearer needs to know – or learn – how to tie a bowtie by hand.  Bow tie aficionados, regular bow tie wearers and purists tend to opt for these.  Most high-end bow ties come in the self-tie model. They are made from silk, satin, wool, and cotton.  Ready-tied bow ties have the bow sewn and attached to a band that goes around the neck and clips to the other side to secure. These are easy for occasional bow tie wearers who are not interested in learning how to tie a bow tie - or those with limited dexterity. Pre-tied bow ties are typically less expensive and are available in silk, satin, or a silky-feeling/satin-looking polyester, among other materials, including wood. The least expensive, starter model, typically worn by children but also by some adults, are clip-on bow ties that attach directly to the shirt’s collar.  These tend to be the best option for one-time use, performers who need to get the accessory on and off quickly, etc.  bowtie

An amazing array of colors, patterns, styles and textures of bow ties are now available, some mass produced using the finest fabrics and others inexpensive or hand-made for limited distribution. However, if looking for the greatest selections of bow ties for men, women, children and pets, the best place to shop is online. To purchase this magnificent fashion statement piece, is a great place to shop. You will find many options to improve your look, save money and avoid crowds as well by shopping the Harvest Male collection on Scroll all the way down to like, follow, share and stay informed!

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