2016 Harvest Male "SWAG Man of the Year" Award Nomination Form

The Harvest Male brand was inspired by and continues to be influenced by multiple generations of men who work(ed) tirelessly to be their best selves, both in terms of style and substance. We now want to recognize those men in our community who, like the men who inspired the brand, have SWAG. They are Stylish. Wise. And Generous!
Fathers, Brothers, Sons, Bosses, Captains of Industry, Students, Community Leaders, Coaches & Heroes… to acknowledge you and all that you do, we created the Harvest Male SWAG Man of the Year Award! The award is to acknowledge an amazing man each year for his SWAG at work, at home, in the community, at school, or wherever he has influence. This year's winner will be honored with a professional photo shoot, a social media campaign recognizing his accomplishments, a collection of Harvest Male accessories and a newly designed Harvest Male SwagBox to be named in his honor. Nominate someone today using the form below! [Nominations close 12/15/16]